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Boston Marathon 2024

Sisay Lemma, de Etiopía, rompe la cinta para ganar el maratón de Boston, el lunes 15 de abril de 2024, en Boston.

On April 15, 2024, the city of Boston vibrated with the energy of the 2024 Boston Marathon. In an exciting race, two athletes stood out and were crowned champions in their respective categories:

On the male branch:

The title was won by the Ethiopian runner Sisay Lemma, with an unofficial time of 2:06:17. This victory marks a milestone for Lemma, who had already participated in the marathon in 2019 and 2021.

In the female branch:

The victory was won by Kenyan Hellen Obiri, with an unofficial time of 2:20:21. This victory represents a significant achievement for Obiri, who was competing in the marathon for the first time.

Additional details:

You can find more information about the winners, including their official times and podium positions, on the following websites:

Congratulations to Sisay Lemma and Hellen Obiri on their incredible wins!

Without a doubt, this edition of the 2024 Boston Marathon will remain etched in the memories of athletics fans due to its excitement and high competitive level.

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